Here you will find General Member information such as; Baby Dedication, Wedding/Funeral Info, How to Get Involved in Ministry, Benevolence for Members and more. We will continue to add additional information as needed. Feel free to view and download the necessary information using the links below.

New Life Academy

New Life Academy is a series of classes that helps build christian education on relevant topics. These classes include: Healthy Living, Before You Say I Do, Healing Damaged Emotions, Iron Man and more.

Before You Say “I Do”

This class is for those that are engaged to be married, or plan to be married. This class is great preparation to get singles in the mindset of what the Bible says having a Godly marriage. Sign up below:

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After You Say “I Do”

Our After You Say “I Do” Class is for married couples who want biblical guidance for what to expect, and how to deal with marriage, after you say “I Do”. Sign up for part 2 begins in January 13th, 2019.

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Congratulations on your engagement, we are here to make sure your wedding goes as smooth as possible. Contact the church and help you make sure your big day is very memorable. Click on the link below to get more details about space rental.

Wedding Guidelines

Baby Dedication

Congratulations on your new child, we believe that young children as well as their parents should be brought to Christ at an early age. Interested in having your new baby dedicated to Christ. Contact the church, or check the events page to find the next date for Baby Dedication. Then, download the form below and email it to so we can get you and your child registered.

Baby Dedication

 Benevolence Assistance

Tough times effect us all, as your church we’re here to help. Although we cannot help everyone with a need we will do our best to try to help you through the tough times. Please review the Guidelines form to make sure you meet the minimum qualifications for benevolence help. This does not guarantee assistance will be provided but we will look at each circumstance and address it accordingly.Please complete the form bellow and email it to:

Benevolence Guidelines

Benevolence Form

 Funeral Information

Funerals can be an extremely tough time for all those affected, especially those who are charged with making final arrangements for the deceased. Below is a form that can help answer a lot of those questions that you may not know.

What to Do? (Funeral)